Jackson graduates from Material Management Course


On March 29, Airman First Class Mer­cedez Jackson graduated from the United States Air Force Materiel Management Ap­prentice Course at Joint Base Lackland AFB, Texas. A1C Jackson received distin­guished honors wearing the “Green Ropes,” worn by Airman who have volun­teered for the United States Air Force’s Air­man Leader program, a student-leadership system employed at the Air Force technical training schools designed to cultivate lead­ership skills among promising Airmen.

Green Ropes are given responsibility over all the Airmen in an ele­ment or assigned to a Dor­mitory Bay (they’re sometimes referred to as “Bay Chiefs” or “Element Leader”), and are fre­quently the Airman leaders assigned to march students to and from their classes. With 99% overall average in conjunction with class leader duties, A1C Jackson was selected as the top overall airmen even among more senior enlisted per­sonnel attending the course.

Jackson received the USAF Air Education and Training Command Com­mander’s Award for supe­rior academic achievement, high standards of leader­ship, teamwork and charac­ter.

Her aunt, former Staff Sergeant Brandi Jackson completed the same Air Force Specialty Code (AFSC) in 1999 with the same unit. Her grandfather, Retired Chief Master Ser­geant Jerome Jackson had the honor of pinning on her basic materiel manage­ment badge following the ceremony. A1C Jackson will return to Key Field then Keesler AFB in Biloxi to complete her training re­quirements. Jackson is as­signed as materiel management specialist with 186th Logistical Readi­ness Squadron in Meridian.

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