It takes planning to live a heathy lifestyle


How are you doing with your healthy lifestyle?

Are you fitting in exercise? Walking for 30 minutes a day is a good cardio workout. Start slow and work on your speed and distance.

Use your walking time to debrief from the days stress. Listen to a book, pod cast, or music. You can look up any kind of cardio exercises you want on YouTube.

 Just type in what you're looking for. If you have knee trouble, type in exercises for bad knees. If you are more interested in stretching or strengthening exercises, type those in the search bar.  Are you keeping your mind sharp? One way you can keep an active mind is reading. Choose a subject you like and just read.

Set a goal such as 30 minutes. To start off, set a timer, but you'll soon realize you don't need one and will go on past your goal. Other mind building activities are doing puzzles and playing trivia games. Are you keeping hydrated? There are many sugar free options you can purchase, but the best thing for you is water. You should be drinking at least 8 cups of water a day.

Are you planning your meals and snacks and shopping for the ingredients you need to make them? Use time management ideas such as prepping ingredients: chopping vegetables, cut meats into the sizes you need them for your chosen recipes, prepare sauces you will need.  Store these in easy to use containers so you'll have them ready during the week.

Are you preparing snacks for the week? Choose an off day and make it your prep day. As you prep for your meal recipes, make your snacks for the week. Store them in airtight containers so you can access them throughout the week. Be sure to organize your prep work so it is easily accessible. Just remember that a healthy lifestyle takes planning and moderation.

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