His mercy and love never fails


"Rest in the Lord and wait patiently for Him." Psalm 37:7

Wait with a heart that is patient for the goodness of God to prevail, for never do our prayers go unanswered and His mercy and love never fail.

For the past few months, people all over the world, have lived with a great fear of the deadly virus COVID-19, that is causing much misery and death everywhere. There seems to be evidence that this virus has reached its peak and maybe, it will soon be brought under control. I sure hope and pray that it will. We have always had viruses or ailments that have caused misery and discomfort, but none like the one we are experiencing now.

In her book, "Way Back When" Lois Gully tells of her family's fight with the measles. She writes that she and all the children of the community were exposed to the measles with attending the Kipling school. Lois said, "Sam Davis Stennis gave us all the measles. He was sitting in the back of the room with his head down when Adelaide Gewin (their teacher) found him all broken out. There was no way to call his parents, so we were exposed all day. In the require time, we all four, her sisters and brother, Grace, Esther, and brother James, came down with the measles and were put to bed. GrandMa Holmes came to help."

She remembers some home remedies like Mullen Tea, which would break you out and you'd feel much better. Somehow, somebody found her some and she made the "brew", but I wouldn't drink it. I was a "gagger". However, the best I can remember, I broke out as soon as the others were all put to bed. While we were in bed, we played "Come Ye Come". We found something in the room and the one who guessed what it was after, we said "come ye come" and gave the first letter... had the next turn. We passed hours that way. After we were all better, GrandMa and Mama brought in a tub of warm water and soaked us one by one. Mama said she had to get the smell of measles out of the house. Mama was good with her home medicines. How I did hate that Epson salts. I'd walk all over the house with it in my hand, until Mama would stop me in my tracks and say "Haven't you taken that? Take it now!" Lois said that Sam Davis Stennis gave all the Kipling school kids the measles. Sam was the son of the late Ruby and Lawrence Stennis and nephew of the late Sen. John C Stennis.

Lois's family episode with the measles, in no way compares to the deadly virus that the world is now going through, it does however make us aware of just how far we have advanced in the care and treatment of deadly diseases.

Thank you for reading the Kipling News column. Let's all be careful and take care of ourselves and be aware of the needs of people around us. Above all, lets pray for our leaders and the decisions they will have to make very soon concerning reopening our nation.

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