Hickman wins District 32 Senate election


Noxubee County Attor­ney Rod Hickman claimed 60 percent of the vote across four counties to win the special election run-off for the District 32 Missis­sippi State Senate seat va­cated with the retirement of longtime Senator Samp­son Jackson of Kemper County.

In complete but unofficial results, Hickman took 4,302 votes to 2,898 for Dr. Minh Duong a Meridian Optometrist.

Three weeks ago there were just under 7,000 votes cast in the general election which featured nine candidates for the re­maining two-years on Jackson’s unexpired term, but there were 7,200 cast in last week’s run-off, an increase of just over 200.

Hickman picked up 1,222 votes in Kemper County, while Duong received 775. There were 1,997 votes cast in Kemper County compared to 2,364 cast on Nov. 2.

Hickman won all four counties, with the closest race being in Duong’s home county of Laud­erdale where Hickman re­ceived 1,754 and Duong 775. Hickman won his home county of Noxubee 678-180 and Winston County 648-403.

Interestingly enough the fewest votes cast in the election are in Noxubee County, where Hickman re­sides, which reveals he re­lied upon support districtwide not just in his home territory.

The District 32 Senate seat will be on the ballot again in 2023 in the state and county elections that are held every four years.

District 32 is made up of all of Kemper County and parts of Lauderdale, Nox­ubee, and Winston coun­ties.

In the Nov. 2 election Hickman led districtwide with 1,677 votes for 24 percent, with Duong finish­ing just behind with 1,611 votes for 23 percent.

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