Health officials encourage vaccination


The number of new COVID-19 infections maybe declining.

But health officials urge the public to not letdown their guard. The wearing of face masks when in public is encouraged. And anyone who has not been vaccinated for COVID-19 is urged to make an appointment and do so.

As of Monday, there were two new COVID-19 infections reported in the last seven days in Kemper County according to the Mississippi State Health Department. There were none the previous week. As of March 2020, there have been 959 cases reported in Kemper County and 28 deaths due to the disease.

Mississippi had 1,764 new cases in the same time period and 25 deaths. The state has 310,987 total cases since March 2020 and 7,178 deaths.

COVID-19 vaccinations for Mississippians are available at no cost from drive-through sites around the state, and from some local healthcare providers.

The governor and health officials say the vaccination shots offer excellent protection against illness, hospitalization and death from COVID-19. All persons aged 16 or older who live or work in Mississippi are eligible for vaccination.

Free vaccinations are available at MSDH drive-through sites statewide.

Local health clinics. physicians, pharmacies and providers also offer COVID-19 vaccination. Check the Mississippi Department of Health website to learn more about finding a vaccination site and making an appointment.

While the number of new cases are declining, health officials say it is no time to let down your guard. It is encouraged that you wear a mask when in public.

The more you are apart from others, the more you are protected from COVID-19 transmission. The virus spreads easily between those eating together, talking together, or attending events.

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