Fun Ways to Celebrate the Warmer, Southern Weather


Warmer weather is here, and summer is rapidly approaching. Find some fun ways to enjoy the warmer days and celebrate the  rebirth of nature. Here are a few fun warm weather activities for kids and adults: 

*Bake a cake

This is just the right time of year for baking a spring-inspired cake. The weather isn’t too hot, so turning on that oven won’t overheat your house. You can use a variety of spring colors to new life to a box cake or old cake recipe. Be sure to use green, pink, or yellow when decorating your springtime, southern style cake. If you don’t want to color your cake, you can always decorate it using icing flowers.

*Garden party

Here in the South, sweet tea is a part of your heritage. With the on-set of warm weather, now is a great time to invite a few of your friends over and have a garden tea party. If tea isn’t your “cup of tea”, you can always opt for lemonade. You can make your garden party as formal or as informal as you like. But, now is a wonderful time to pull out those summer hats, and maybe, some of your Sunday best. Put up umbrellas or tents to provide shade. You can add some finger foods and cookies to add to your party. Be sure to pick a time of the day when it isn’t too hot. Don’t forget to decorate the table with fresh flowers. 

*Create a springtime


Take advantage of the warm weather by capturing some great spring pictures. Some of the best pictures can be capture on the side of the highway or at some of our historical locations. Next, turn those pictures and some dried flowers into a scrapbook.

*Go on a nature walk

Explore nature by taking a nature walk. You can explore a nature trail, check out the McRae Walking Park, or enjoy your own back yard. During your walk, don’t forget to capture those spring pictures to use in your scrapbook. 

*Start a flowerbed

Now is a great time to plant those pretty spring flowers. Seasonal flowers such as pansies, primrose, gladiolus, forget-me-nots, tulips, and lilies can be planted in your flower bed.  

Warmer weather is finally here. Don’t let it pass you by. Get outside and enjoy it! 

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