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After successfully welcoming students back to school buildings in August, Kemper County School District on Monday reported zero incidents of COVID-19 for its first nine weeks of in-person classes.

The district offers a variety of options by grade level for parents and students including in-person instruction, virtual learning, hybrid schedule and paper packets.

“Every parent’s comfort level is different and I respect that,” said Hilute Hudson, superintendent of education for Kemper County School District.  “It was important for us to show to parents that we are willing to do whatever it takes to keep their children safe while providing them with a great education during this pandemic.” 

Federal programs and district funding allowed for items to be purchased to aid in the protection against COVID-19.  “We have temperature scanners, masks, foggers, face shields, sanitizers, decals and much more,” said Hudson.  “However, none of these items mean anything without the correct procedure and protocol in place.  Our success is heavily attributed to our teachers, administrators, buildings and grounds personnel and students for their social distancing and cleaning practices.”

The district is preparing for more students to transition over to in-person classes.  “We can’t predict what will happen but we are doing our part through preparations and precautions” said Hudson. “Our goal is to keep our students safe in a fun learning environment.  As we move to the second nine-weeks, we are adjusting to take on more students in the classroom more frequently.”

Starting October 11th, the new school schedule options by grade level for Kemper County schools are:

• Pre-kindergarten through Fifth grade: a) In-person instruction (4 days a week); or b) Virtual learning

• Sixth grade through 12th grade: a) In-person instruction (4 days a week); b) Hybrid instruction (2 days a week in-person and 2 days virtual learning); or c) Virtual learning.

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