Four-wheeler chase results in multiple charges


The Kemper County Sheriff’s department is hoping the arrest of a Kemper County man will help slow down calls they have been receiving from DeKalb residents about four-wheelers running through the streets of the town.

Sheriff’s Deputy Michael Mattox said he and three other officers participated in a 30-minute plus pursuit on Wednesday, Oct. 10 around dusk that led to the apprehension of 25-year-old Cordarious Cross of 121 Cross Road in Scooba.

“We have been getting complaints over the past several months about four-wheelers coming through disrupting the neighborhood and causing problems,” Mattox said. He said that on Tuesday they got two separate complaints and he quickly responded.

Mattox said that as was headed East on Scooba Street, about a block from the four-way stop at Hwy 39 that the 4-wheeler started coming in his direction.

“As I was crossing in front of the intersection at Main Avenue, I saw him and turned on my blue lights,” he said. Mattox said the four-wheeler raced through that stop sign and also the one where Scooba Street enters Martin Luther King Drive.

Mattox turned around and began pursuit. Another Sheriff’s unit was coming toward town near the high school. Mattox said the 4-wheeler nearly hit the vehicle head on, then cut through the parking lot at the SASE convenience store before turning East on Hwy 16. “He had to take the shoulder of the round to go around them,” he said of the fleeing vehicle.

After a chase of about a mile the four-wheeler then turned onto the EMEPA property near the substation on the North side of Hwy 16.

“We pursued him until he took to the power lines,” Mattox said. “We stationed ourselves where he might come out and then waited him out for about 20 minutes.” The driver eventually exited onto the Baptist Springs Road. Mattox said Cross did not resist arrest at that point.

He was taken into custody and charged with failure to stop for blue lights, two counts of running a stop sign, and reckless driving. He was released on bond.

“Hopefully the arrest will accomplish two things,” Mattox said. “It will show that we are doing what we can to take care of the problem and also show that there are consequences — going to jail and having your four-wheeler towed.”

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