FIRST THINGS FIRST/Outdoors Page soon to debut


Outdoors enthusiasts will soon have a little some- thing extra to look forward to each month in the Kem- per County Messenger as the newspaper debuts its outdoors page be- ginning with the Oct. 28 edition. 

With hunting season about to be in full force it seemed to be the right time to provide a place for local hunters, fishermen, hikers, and lovers of the outdoors in general, to share their passions and photos. 

The page is scheduled to run on the fourth Thursday of each month. 

You are not just wel- comed to contribute to this effort, but are encouraged to take part. 

If you have a local out- doors story of interest just e-mail me at starsports- or send a text to 601-938-2471. While we would love to write about what you are doing, we would also like for you to submit your own stories to be published. 

One of the most-enjoyed features of any good local newspaper is reader-sub- mitted photos. I you have photos of any deer, turkeys, wild hogs, etc. that you have harvested please e-mail them for us to use at either office@kempercountymessenger or Please include a description of the photo, who is in it, and 

where it was taken. The more information provided, the better the photo can be explained to our readers. You can’t possibly tell us too much about your photo. 

If you are one of those who are wishing this oppor- tunity was available last year, don’t fret. We cer- tainly want current photos, but we will take yours from previous seasons as well. 

This is available for fishing photos as well. 

While we covet your pho- tos, we are also interested 

in your stories, If you fancy yourself as an outdoors writer and have a tale to tell, just send it our way and if its suitable we will run it in the Messenger. 

We will already be putting tougher our first outdoors page as you are reading this so please, please send in your photos and stories right away. 

If you have other ideas as to how we can better serve you the reader by inform- ing you of what is happen- ing in your community, please contact me at 601- 

938-2471 or by email. Be Blessed! 

Austin Bishop is editor and publisher of the Kem- per Count yMessenger. He and his wife Barbara took over ownership of the newspaper on Oct. 1, 2021. Bishop, who has worked in the journalism field for 45 years, is also pastor of Great Commission Assem- bly of God in Philadelphia. He can be reached by email at m. 

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