Election commission seeking to certify additional poll workers


The Chairman of the Kemper County Election Commission said it appears that there will be enough poll workers to to cover the upcoming special election for the vacant District 32 State Senate seat set for Nov. 2, but stresses there is a need to get more workers certified.


“Some areas of the county have less available workers than others,” said District 2 Election Commission Charles Hollingsworth Jr. “We are always in need for qualified people to get involved.”

Those interested in potentially working at the polls can contact Hollingsworth at 601-513-3598 or at the election commissioner office at 601-743-5056.


The upcoming election is bi-partisan and there is also a new voting system in place so fewer workers are required than usual.


There are three voting precincts in each of the five supervisors’ district in Kemper County with five poll workers being needed at each precinct, which brings the total needed to 75.


The workers also have to be re-certified each year and he said a handful are still working on their certification before Nov. 2. Hollingsworth said all that is needed to be certified is a four-hour class that can be conducted under the supervision of the election commissioners.


Once this election, and a likely run-off election to follow, concludes Hollingsworth will begin to focus on the congressional elections slated for this coming June.

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