Creer confusion: What’s in a name?


Both James Creer and Justin Creer acknowledge some voters may do a double take when they go down the ballot for the special election for State Sen- ate District 32 on Nov. 2. While there will be nine names on the ballot, two will be very similar. “You have two Creers, one Justin and one James,” said James Creer, who is a resident of Kemper County’s Porterville Community. “Most of the Kemper County residents will look at the candidates and know the difference but that may not 

be true in the other counties.” Justin Creer, who lives in the New Hope Community of 

Kemper County, agrees. “When I qualified I put my en- tire name on the ballot — Justin Curtis Creer,” he said. “I’m hoping that will help people tell the difference. I also make sure all of my literature has my picture on it and I’ve been emphasizing the Curtis in my name.” 

James Creer is in his 11th year representing District 2 on 

the Kemper County School Board, while Justin Creer served one four-year term as District 3’s representative on the Kemper County Board of Supervisors. 

“Kemper County pretty much knows me and they know James,” Justin Creer said. “That shouldn’t be a problem.” 

While all of Kemper County is in District 32 of the Mississippi 

State Senate, the district also includes portions of Lauderdale County, Noxubee County, and Winston County. Most of the Lauderdale County voters reside inside the city of Meridian. 

“I’m sure it will be confusing to some,” James Creer said. “We are just making sure the best we can that people know who we are.” 

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