County Land Tax information Set to be on-line


During it’s regular Mon- day morning meeting, the Kemper County Board of Supervisors approved an agreement with Tri-State Consulting Services that could make it easier for cit- izens and developers to get answers to land own- ership, description, and tax questions on line. 

Kemper County Eco- nomic Development Au- 

thority consultant Ike Kiefer told the board that the $500 license fee and $3,600 annual hosting fee would greatly improve ac- cessibility to valuable infor- mation. 

It was also noted that it 

would be easier for landowners to look and see if their taxes had been paid, noting it would also eventually ease the work- load on the employees in the tax accessor’s office. 

“It will greatly reduce the 

walk-in workload and make things more accessi- ble,” Kiefer said. “Would could have it on line within two to three weeks. It would provide much more accurate data.”
He said users cold access properly information by property ID number or street address.

The board unanimously ap- proved the expenditure by a 4-0 vote, District 2 Supervisor Johnny Whitsett was absent. 

In another matter Kiefer told the board that the possibility of Emilia LLC being able to lease the gym at the old Lynville School site on Hwy 397 may be dwin- dling due to the improvements that need to be made. The hold up is that the school is a regis- tered historic site with makes making the needed changes to the gym — such as a roll-up door and other needed updates to make it viable as a warehouse — more difficult to navigate. 

“It complicates things when it falls under archives and history,” said Homer Hall, Facility Mainte- nance Manager at Emilia. “If we can’t change the doors like we need them to be we wouldn’t be able to utilize it.” 

The board gave District 4 Su- pervisor Mike Luke the go-ahead to contact several people in- volved with the historical aspect of the building to see what could be done.
Kiefer also noted that the Natural Gas District Board had ap- proved letters being sent own to landowners along the route from the town of DeKalb to the Kem- per Crossing site just West of town to begin the process of ob- taining easements for needed utilities improvements to the in- 

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