Thaddis Holmes, 45, 1519 Burrage Rd Preston, MS, Charge: Domestic Violence 


Mercedes M Aldieri, 18, 118 Valley Rd Preston MS, Charge: Public Intoxication

Clyde Clayborne, 65, 325 Suttle Rd Preston MS, Charge: Trespass  

Eric Clark, 45, Sally Cole Rd De Kalb, MS, Charge: Simple Assault  


Fony Lee Landrum, 35, 10303 Rd 1327 Philadelphia MS, Charge: DUI(other), Fail to stop for blue lights, reckless driving; DL suspended 


Chad Harbour, 36, 9545 West Lauderdale Rd Collinsville, MS, Charge: Disturbance of Family 

Shelby Mowdy, 153 Roland Hardy Rd Dekalb, MS, Charge: Grand Larceny 

Nathan Alexander Smith, 36, 147 Roland Hardy Rd De Kalb, MS, Charge: Grand Larceny; Possession of Firearm by Felon 


Brandaryll Hudson, 31, 154 Broach Rd Daleville, MS, Charge: Disturbance of Family 

Rickey Naylor, 46, 295 Succarnachee Rd Porterville, MS, Charge: DUI 1st; No Dl, Poss. Marijuana, No Tag, No Insurance

Ralph Sander, 54, 9251 Hwy 490 Louisville, MS,  DUI 1st, Speeding, NO DL, No Insurance, No Seat Belt 


Johnny James Moore, 34, 137 Street Allen Rd De Kalb, MS, Charge: Disturbance of Business, Disorderly Conduct; Resisting Arrest  

Nicholas Houston, 29, 3848 Kellis Store Rd Preston, MS, Charge: Domestic Violence, Trespass, Malicious Mischief 


Tiffany Maire Goins, 27, 6039 Hwy 16 West De Kalb, MS, Charge: Destroying defacing sign 

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