Quadarious Brown, 22, 739 Main St De Kalb, MS, Charge: Domestic Violence- Simple Assault   


Christopher Hampton, 24, 301 Depot Hill De Kalb, MS, Charge: DUI 1st Offense    


Celya Wallace, 40, 3112 5th Street Meridian, MS, Charge: DUI, NO DL  


Hannah Rose Wiechert, 27, 275 Sw 2nd St Apt North Dakota, Charge: Possession of Controlled Substance    

Fredric Scott, 57, 124 Swdenburg Cir Columbus, MS, Charge: Possession of Marijuana    

Michael Jerome Cunningham Jr, 48, 1410 30th Ave NW Apt 4201North Dakota, Charge: Possession of a Control Substance  

Benamin Griffin, 28, 106 Kathy Ave Quitman MS, Charge: Expired Tag, Possession Marijuana less than oz, Possession of Control substance     

John Calvin Gibbs, 747 Depot Hill St, Charge: Driving under Suspended License  

Antonio Smith, 33, 2428 Old Marion Rd Meridian, MS, Charge: No DL   

Michael Little, 41, 1295 Old Rock Rd Porterville, MS, Charge: Suspended License   


Tony Charles Moore Jr, 37, 650 Sunflower Rd Scooba, MS, Charge: Public Drunk   

Edwina Louise Murray, 37, 341 County Rd 479 Alabama, Charge: Public Drunk   

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