County Conducts Workshops for Road Crews


Since the first of the year Kemper County has held several workshops to help better prepare their workers and benefit the county as well.

According to County Road Man­ager Glenn Williams, the county has conducted four CDL workshops and a safety workshop. Williams stated that it is necessary to have CDL li­censed drivers, and it is becoming harder to find those qualified to drive their equipment.

Williams said that it put a real strain on the county, as there is a shortage of drivers across the country, and many companies are offering large salaries that the county cannot com­pete with.

Thirteen employees attended the CDL workshops and seven have re­ceived their permits. Their next step is to spend about two weeks behind the wheel with an already CDL li­censed driver. From there they will complete an oral exam in Meridian, then a road test. The fee for obtain­ing the CDL is the responsibility of the drivers.

Williams stated that they try to do two safety workshops per year, with one being held about two weeks ago. All personnel participated, and covered subjects such as proper use of fire extinguishers and proper at­tire for working on garbage trucks. Past workshops have covered such things driver safety and chainsaw safety. The practical instructions help to prepare workers for situations that they might have to deal with at any time. Williams added that these workshops aid the county in the area of insurance.

Safety workshops are also con­ducted in Kemper County with in­structors coming from MSU Extension Service and the Missis­sippi Highway Patrol. Fire Coordina­tor, Ben Dudley has provided training, as well.

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