Contract awarded on Emilia project


Kemper County leases a build­ing to Emilia Resources, LLC. Emilia is one of the largest pri­vately owned businesses in the county providing cosmetics, over-the-counter medicines and other devices for multiple distributors across the country.

As a result of this commitment to increase employment and in­vestment by Emilia, The Missis­sippi Development Authority, the Appalachian Regional Commis­sion and Kemper County commit­ted a total of $1.74 million for improvements at the facility. After discussion, the Board unani­mously voted to award the con­tract to the low bidder, Cooper Construction Services, LLC after execution of Change Orders to bring the project to within avail­able funds.

The proposed construction will improve the County owned facil­ity and better meet the needs of Emilia. However, to better meet Emilia requirements and due to delays in delivery of critical elec­trical components, it is anticipated the construction will not begin until the third quarter of 2022.

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