Checkpoint stops lead to multiple citations


The days just prior to the new year were busy for Kemper County Sheriff's Dept., but according to Sheriff James Moore, 2022 has been quiet thus far.

Moore's department ran license and sobriety check­points over the holiday season, with no arrests over Christmas. However, December 30-31 saw a sig­nificant uptick in arrests, in­cluding five DUIs. Moore stated that it's important to take impaired drivers off the road, as they pose a threat to other motorists, thus the need for the checkpoints. Moore added that his department runs such checkpoints during other holidays and at dif­ferent times of the year, depending on the circum­stances.

In addition to the DUIs, there were those charged with suspended drivers li­censes, possession of mar­ijuana, and one who was charged with introduction of contraband into a facil­ity.

There was also an arrest for burglary of a dwelling and one for auto theft. Moore stated that even in a small community such as Kemper County crimes continue to occur.

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