Celebrating big championship win no problem for OSD


My team won the College Football National Championship on Monday night. Of course I knew it would before the game started. In fact I’ve been sure of it for more than a week.

Once it became official that Georgia and Alabama were in the title game, the Old Sports Dude’s victory was secured. The reason: Simple, OSD is an SEC guy down to the core.

If Alabama were to have won it would be the continuation of a dynasty; if Georgia were to win, it’s yet another SEC school to win the National title in the last 17 seasons. The undisputed best conference in the nation has now won 13 of the last 17 titles, and in fact has had a team playing in all but one of those champi­onships games. The one blip on the radar was 2014 when Ohio State beat Ore­gon 42-20.

So, long before Georgia won its first title since 1980 with a 33-18 win over Lucas Oil Sta­dium on Monday night, all was right with the world.

This latest dominant run by the Southeastern Conference began in 2006 when Florida drubbed Ohio State. That was followed by an LSU win over Ohio State and a Florida win over Oklahoma. That’s when the state of Ala­bama took over with the Univer­sity of Alabama winning the 2009 title, followed by Auburn in 2010 and Alabama going back to back in 2011 and 2012.

After Florida State edged Auburn in 2013 and Ohio State won in 2014, the Crimson Tide began a run that saw them play for the title six of the last seven years. The only misstep was the 2019 title game when LSU took an impressive 42-35 win over Clemson.

What makes this run even bet­ter for me as a supporter of foot­ball in the South, is that if the SEC can’t win, them I’m pulling for the ACC. Two of the champi­onships int he last 17 years went to perennial ACC favorite Clem­son, with FSU winning in 2013.

Alabama represented the SEC in the title game in both of Clem­son’s title wins, while Auburn fell to Florida State.

The SEC’s run of National titles is in no real threat to end. Ala­bama and Georgia will be in the hunt next year, but there are other programs that will soon be threats as well. It would not be a surprise if Texas A&M and Jimbo Fisher got it together for a title run, Arkansas and Tennessee are on the rise, Florida is looking to return to the top of the heap, and Ole Miss has made huge strides. And of course, Auburn and LSU could bounce back at any time.

It would be hard to believe that anytime in the near future that the SEC is not going to have a least one team in the semifinals of the college football players.

And those chances improve in a couple fo years when Okla­homa and Texas make their de­buts in the SEC.

Will the dominance eventually end for the SEC? Maybe, but until them I’ve got some champi­onships to celebrate!

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