Buses provide hotspots


From school reports

The Kemper County School District has seven new wifi hotspot buses that are being used to provide internet access to students and families in the school district.

Normally, the school buildings would be opened and classes ongoing. However, the Coronavirus pandemic has forced the delay of in-person learning and families are opting to keep their children at home for virtual learning. The only problem is that Internet services are not so readily available in rural counties like Kemper County.  Thus, the school administration is looking for other ways to provide access.

 "As part of our virtual learning process, we wanted to make sure all of our students can log in and complete their assignments," said Tyreasia Brown, principal at Kemper County Lower Elementary.

The wifi hotspot school buses travel throughout the county on a set schedule and remain in one location for about two to three hours. This service is free to Kemper County School District's students and families who do not currently have internet access.

"It is important to us to support our students and give them every opportunity for success," said Brown.

n-person classes will start on Tuesday, September 8, for students who choose to attend class. The virtual learning will still continue.

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