Book donation with thoughts of helping others


As a Kemper County resident I yearn to be a positive example for my community as a whole. I see so many kids in my area and other places that look up to me. Being a scholastic academic athlete and student teaches you to set high standards for yourself and makes you challenge yourself to meet those standards. 

It’s great to be known as an athlete, but it is greater to know that you did more and it was genuine for your own community. This is my senior year of high school and as I continue dual enrollment I thought in what way could I personally challenge myself more. I knew I had volunteered my services numerous times through other organizations that I am, or was, a part of. 

My mom always taught my siblings and I “God first, and your name will always outlive your face.” 

So I asked my mom to help me brainstorm some ideas. We came up with a few. I thought about how big of an impact it would be to not just reach my peers, but even a younger group of kids that’s just learning to read or to have some- one to read to them. Kids have a passion for the simplest stories and really be fascinated. 

I chose to donate books for the children at the Kiddie College Day 

Care here in DeKalb. It is also a place I attended for after-school sessions when I was younger. I thank Mrs. Brown for allowing me to give back to her center. It is a great feeling to make someone else feel special, especially smaller kids. They are our future and hopefully it will instill in them to give back in a positive way too. 

Alfred O. Love is a senior at Kemper County High School with a 4.1 GPA and also has a 3.6 GPA at East Mississippi Community College where he is dually enrolled. Love, a member of the KCHS basketball team, is expected to graduate from both Kemper County High School and EMCC this spring. 

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