Auto Parts Center & Hardware partners with Parts City Auto Parts


Auto Parts Center & Hard­ware, located at 16581 Hwy 16 East is now partnered with Parts City Auto Parts, a brand of Ozark Automotive Distributors developed specifically for supplying parts and business support to independently-owned auto parts businesses. Cur­rently, Ozark Automotive services over 5,000 O’Reilly Auto Parts stores and inde­pendent Parts City Auto Parts locations from coast-to-coast.

Auto Parts Center & Hard­ware will continue to be lo­cally owned and operated by Kenneth Kitchens and Jennifer Hull, as it has been for the last 12 years. The brother/sister duo say they switched to Parts City to provide the community with a better coverage and avail­ability of parts. They also ex­press their excitement to be a part of a well-established and reliable company.

In addition to selling auto parts, Auto Parts Center & Hardware does battery re­cycling, battery testing, cus­tom hydraulic hoses, and wiper blade installation. They plan on adding addi­tional store services in the future.

When asked what she likes about running an auto parts store, Jennifer re­sponded, “I love ensuring the community has what­ever they need without hav­ing to leave town.” She continues, “Our primary focus is on auto parts, but we also carry hardware, lumber, plants, and a variety of other lines.”

Kenneth and Jennifer want to ensure the local community is well taken care of and have everything they need to complete any job they are working on. Their passion for serving the community is rooted in the way they watched their fa­ther serve the community, “We wanted to keep the business going when he passed because it is some­thing our town needs. We value and appreciate the business and support from our customers.”

Kenneth and Jennifer in­vite you to drop by, say hello and check out the new product selection.

Auto Parts Center & Hard­ware is open Monday through Friday from 7 am to 5 pm and Saturday from 7 am to 1 pm. The store phone number is (601) 743-5677.

Visit to lookup parts and map to Auto Parts Center & Hard­ware in DeKalb.

Parts City Auto Parts is the brand name of independ­ently owned stores serviced by Ozark Automotive Dis­tributors, Inc. Although the Parts City brand was launched in 2008, Ozark Au­tomotive Distributors has been servicing independ­ently owned auto parts stores since 1961. In addi­tion to an extensive inven­tory of more than 300,000 items available, Parts City Auto Parts stores also have access to overnight product delivery on hard-to-find parts, national warranty pro­tection, employee and tech­nician training programs, unparalleled computer technology and support, availability of parts for farm and lawn machinery, and ag­gressive programs to cap­ture and retain retail and professional customers.

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