A time of turmoil


In this week's column, Dale Feasel, a lifelong resident of this community, writes of the way the COVID-19 is affecting her and her family, and how she misses being with her church family. I might add as a member of her church family, we all miss her too. Dale's column is as following:

"Fear thou not, for I am with thee, Be not dismayed, for I am thy God. I will strengthen. Yea I will help thee; Yea I will help thee; Yea I will uphold thee with the right hand of my righteousness." Isaiah 41:10.

Our country, indeed the whole world is in a time of turmoil. As Christians we can take comfort in the fact God is still in control. This is indeed a sad time, the great loss of life is astounding. Our normalcy of life is shattered, with all this time at home. I hope we reflect on things precious to us. I pray I will never take for granted walking in my church on Sunday morning, seeing smiling familiar faces, listening to Bro. Barker's soothing voice, reminding us to serve the living God in Spirit and in truth. I don't want to take for granted again being able to sit in the still quietness of this place and feeling the presence of God. I do not want to take for granted my family sitting down to Sunday dinner, hands joined, thanking God for our many blessings. I don't want to forget the feeling of hugging my grandbabies and feeling their sweet breath on my face. I don't want to take for granted being able to extend a hand of friendship and give a hug of comfort to a friend. Did you ever think there would be a time you couldn't attend a funeral and give a proper good-bye to a loved one? Businesses are closed and even the tedious chore of doing my own grocery shopping takes on a new meaning.

Pray for our country, our President, and all our leaders. Pray for one another as we pray for ourselves. Be strong, be courageous knowing that one day this to will pass.

I want to thank Dale for taking the time to express her feelings about the current situation, our nation, and indeed what the whole world is going through. I hope your week will be peaceful and free of any kind of illness or sadness. Thank you for reading the Kipling News.

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