48 people tested in DeKalb Friday


By Steve Swogetinsky

The Kemper Messenger

Nearly 50 people were tested Friday for the Coronavirus in the marketing lot of Kemper County High School.

Representatives of the Mississippi State Health Department and the University of Mississippi Medical Central were in town to do the testing. There were 48 people tested. Those who were swabbed for the virus will be notified by phone of the results.

As of Monday, there have been 43 cases reported Kemper County with one death. The state of Mississippi has 5,718 reported cases with 227 deaths.

DeKalb is under a curfew because if tge virus. Elected leaders across the county have urged residents only go out when necessary and to stay home. It is discouraged to be groups of more than five to 10 peoples and everyone is urged to wear a facemask when going out.

Anyone experiencing symptoms related to COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus, including fever, cough, shortness of breath or sore throat, who feels they should be tested must first go through a free screening from a UMMC clinician, either through the C Spire Health UMMC Virtual COVID-19 Triage telehealth smartphone app by phone. UMMC and C Spire have partnered to make the screening free to all Mississippians.

Mississippians who are screened as being at high risk for having COVID-19 are given an appointment at a testing site to provide a specimen sample, via a nose swab, without exiting their vehicle.

Anyone determined to be at low risk for infection will receive instructions on social distancing, home isolation and self-care – and told to call back if symptoms worsen.

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