Planning a DIY bathroom remodel or refresh? 9 reasons to include a bidet seat


(BPT) - This renovation season, DIY projects are more popular than ever as people look to keep costs down. And whether you're planning a full bathroom remodel or a refresh of fixtures, paint and style, one of the most impactful and easiest DIY upgrades you can make is adding a bidet seat to your toilet. Haven't considered it before? There are so many reasons why you should.

You may have come across a bidet in your travels. They have long been a central feature in European toilettes, and bidets are found in almost every bathroom in Japan. Finally, their popularity is growing in the U.S. where they have become a huge bathroom trend. Part of the newfound demand is due to innovative bidet seats like the TOTO WASHLET, which transforms your toilet into a bidet by simply replacing the seat! These allow discerning homeowners and renters to incorporate the luxury and comfort of a bidet into their bathrooms in minutes without having to install a completely new fixture or hiring a plumber.

From improving health to helping the environment, here are nine reasons to add a bidet seat to your bathroom upgrade, from the industry-leading experts at TOTO USA.

Improves hygiene. It's simply a fact that using a bidet increases the level of cleanliness of your bathroom routine. Thanks to a strong adjustable flow of aerated water and an effective warm-air dryer, you'll experience a superior clean than toilet paper alone.

A more comfortable bathroom experience. A bidet seat is a refreshing and pleasant way to cleanse. It's a mini spritz-off, exactly where you need it. A gentle stream of warm water cleanses, followed by a warm air-dry. And all WASHLETS have warm, adjustable heated seats, too — creating a spa-like experience in your own home!

Use less TP. The average American uses more than 140 rolls of toilet paper each year. If you measure that in miles, it's nearly the distance between Denver and Dallas! The French use half that much. Why? The French use bidets, which clean and dry without the need for toilet paper, as a regular part of their bathroom routine. Switching to a bidet seat is a simple, easy way to help the environment and elevate your bathroom routine in the process.

Better for your plumbing. All of that toilet paper Americans use tends to back up toilets and it also can cause clogs down the line in your pipes, which can lead to costly repairs. With a bidet seat, you'll experience fewer plumbing issues, backups and headaches.

Easy to install. The TOTO WASHLET attaches to your existing toilet. Setting it up is a simple DIY project that takes all of 15 minutes, with no need to call a plumber. Really. All you need is a toilet and a GFCI power outlet within three feet of it. There's even an app to guide you through the installation process.

Renter friendly. Because WASHLETS attach to your existing toilet, renters can install them to temporarily uplevel their bathroom without the worry of losing their security deposit. And notably, they are also able to take their bidet seat with them when they move into a new place.

Helps people with mobility issues. This is especially important for older folks who want to stay in their forever homes safely, people with aging parents, or for those who have temporary or ongoing issues with mobility that make wiping difficult. A bidet seat cleanses and dries much better than toilet paper alone, and for people with these issues, it's a lifeline to help with hygiene, privacy and independence. Bonus tip: If you're an empty nester renovating your own bathroom with an eye toward the future, make sure you add a bidet seat now.

Keeps your toilet clean. High-end bidet seats like those from TOTO don’t just clean you. They can help clean your toilet, too, with deodorizing and bowl-cleansing misting actions before and after use that keep your toilet and bathroom fresh at all times.

Affordable with a range of price points. There is a bidet seat for every space, budget and need. You can choose what fits your lifestyle best from the introductory WASHLET C2, intermediate WASHLET C5, or new WASHLET S7A, which offers the very latest in TOTO's technology and design.

All in all, whether you rent or own your home, upgrading your bathroom with a bidet seat is an easy, quick and affordable way to elevate your daily sojourns to the loo into a spa-like experience while keeping you and your family cleaner. For more information, visit TOTO USA.

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