By Steve Swogetinsky

Kemper Messenger

The Kemper County Board of Supervisors will meet Friday morning at 8 a.m. to approve the Fiscal Year 2020 budget.

There will be a public hearing before the vote. Supervisors will then consider the budget and set the tax rate.

The supervisor had their regular meeting last Tuesday. They took the following actions:

- Received a report about six acres of land on the old Weyerhaeuser property on Highway 15. Supervisors voted to sell the land to TVA is they want to buy it;

- Voted to move money around in the current budget. They took $2000 out of the Other Professional Fees account and put it in the Waste Tire Disposal Grant account. They also moved $200 from the Other Professional Fees account and put it in the Road and Bridge for work on Sunflower Road;

- Voted to pay Sunbelt Fire $278,116 for a new International 4400 (two door) Commercial Pumper Fire Truck. Supervisors approved the purchase of the truck in November of 2018;

- Voted to order a half page ad at the cost of $300 in the Mississippi Supervisors magazine; and,

- Paid the claims docket and approved the minutes of the previous meeting.