Thoughts of by gone years takes one back to 1943-1957-a time when a strange creature roamed the woods of eastern Kemper County.

I am the only one that I know of that has lived to tell of actually seeing this creature- the "Scooba's Hairy Man".

Was he real? Was it man or beast? Was he only a figment of ones imagination? Or does he still have descendants in our woods today?

Mr. Addie Wimberly had moved his family from the farm deep in the woods between Scooba and Electric Mills. He continued to have cows, pigs, chickens and a garden at the farm. He began to tell stories of the sighting of a strange creature when he went to the farm. It had left evidence of its visits. Food left out had been eaten and strange tracks were found. He described it as a large man covered with hair. Thus he became known as Mr. Wimberly's Hairy Man.

The Sunday afternoon my sister, Doris, and her husband, Belton Aust; my brother, Kenneth Briggs and his wife, Clara and Clifton and I went for a walk in the woods. We soon found ourselves at the Wimberly Farm and decided to sit awhile and rest. Kenneth decided to walk across an open field to the edge of the woods. It wasn't long until he came running back to tell us that Mr. Wimberly's Hairy Man was down there. No one would agree to go see for themselves but we all agreed to come back later. When we did, we found what we believed to be its den and strange tracks along the little stream nearby.

There were others who reported sightings. Dike Rigdon came home from work and told his wife that he had seen this strange creature cross the road in front of him.

Mr. Lundy Temple and son, Herbert, saw it and its tracks while turkey hunting.

My experience was in May of 1957. Our Uncle Grace Briggs had passed away at the Kemper County Hospital. My sisters, Doris and Odessa, were riding with me to take his daughter, Olive Phelps, home in Porterville. Between Electric Mills and Porterville the lights of my car caught this creature standing by the side of the road. Doris and I both knew it was the Hairy Man. Odessa said she didn't see it.

However, a short time before her death in 1997 she told me that she did see it that night but knew that no one would believe it!

Mr. Herbert Temple, a shoe repair man, designed a shoe that made tracks like those of this creature. He walked along the streams leaving the tracks to excite the hunters. Mr. Hoppy Spinks wrote and recorded a song about the Hairy Man. Our Scooba Focus Group is using the Scooba Hairy Man theme for the Scooba Fall Festival coming up this month at the Scooba Park. All this is keeping the legend of the Hairy Man alive now and for years to come.

Today as deer season approaches all you hunters walk cautiously-who knows but that the descendants of the Hairy Man is lurking behind the trees of East Kemper!

Many have asked about my niece, Peggy Persons. She is in an assisted living facility in Mentor, Ohio near her children, Mickey and Luann Jones. She is fighting a battle with cancer and heart problems. The children decided to give her a treat of Kemper County BBQ. Mickey dug a pit in his yard, bought a pig and cooked it as he had seen it done in Mississippi. Peggy made the sauce. Linda and her daughter, Kristin, came from Florida. Peggy truly enjoyed this Taste of Home!

I enjoyed having McConnell relatives visit me last week. James and Sandra Hodge and son, David, were here from Springfield, Va. David is a student at EMCC.

The quilting ladies are busy at work at the Baptist Church. On Friday the MHV Club took lunch and met with them. Debbie Waller called the meeting of the MHV Club to order at 2:00. Every one stayed for the meeting.

Plans were made for the appreciation luncheon to be held in DeKalb in November and for birthday activities at Mississippi Care Center on Oct. 16. Judy Myles was welcomed as a new member. Guests for the day were Maudine Dudley, George and Kathy Nelson and Cal Lanier. There were 16 present.

Chase Sparkman was a weekend guest of grandparents, Eddie Al and Cheryl.