From special reports

 The 15th year for Relay for Life in Kemper County ended in August.  The Relay for Life teams did a tremendous job, as usual, with an total of approximately $37,000  collected after expenses.  The theme for the year was “On the Road to a Cure.”

Relay For Life is a fund raiser for the American Cancer Society. Proceeds go to fund research to find a cure for the dreaded disease.

The year began with the Relay Spring Gala at EMCC and continued with the Relay Breakfast, garage sales, team projects, the Survivor’s Luncheon, concerts, and the special Relay Night on June 7.    Sixteen teams participated, with members from all ages.  The top collection teams, in order, were New Hope Methodist Church, DeKalb Baptist Church, and Brown Ridge Baptist Church, followed by Weems and Salem/Bluff Springs Church.  Top sponsors/teams were Mississippi Power Community Connections, Mississippi Care Center, Blackwater Baptist Church, and Big Oak Methodist Church.

Approximately 400 luminaries and torches were purchased for Relay Night which showed the love and caring of families and friends in the county.

Funds collected by the American Cancer Society are used for research, education, and assistance for patients with financial treatment needs.

Plans for the Relay for Life events will begin in January of 2020.  Why not join the Relay for Life teams and support our efforts to prevent and control CANCER?