By Steve Swogetinsky

Kemper Messenger

Candidates are already signing as they seek the different offices that will be open during the 2019 elections.

As of Wednesday, all of Kemper County’s incumbents in county government have filed for re-election. Two supervisor races are being contested at this point. As is tradition, all candidates are running as Democrats, meaning the races will be decided in the primaries.

The primary election will be held Tuesday, August 6, with runoffs set for August 27. The General Election will be Tuesday, November 5.

The deadline to file and become a candidate for public office will be March 1.

In order to run for a county office, you must come by the Kemper County Circuit Clerk’s office to sign up. If you are running in a primary, it will cost $100 to sign up. If you are running as an independent in a county-wide election, it will cost $100 and you must have the 50 signatures of voters in Kemper County on your petition. If you are running for district office, you must have 15 signatures on your petition and it will cost $100.

As of January 7, the following candidates have signed up for the following county government offices:

- Sheriff: incumbent James Moore (D);

- Chancery Clerk: Incumbent Sherline Dee-Dansby Watkins (D);

- Circuit Clerk: Incumbent Tracey McCoy Murray (D);

- Tax Assessor/Collector: Incumbent Joycelynn T. Robertson (D); Aimee Valley Cole (D);

- Supervisor District I: Incumbent James (Pat) Granger (D); Roy Anthony Boyd (D);

- Supervisor District II: Incumbent Johnny B. Whitsett (D);

- Supervisor District III: Incumbent Justin Creer (D);

- Supervisor District IV: Incumbent Mike Luke (D); Samuel Tisdale (D);

- Supervisor District V: Incumbent Christ Cole (D);

- Justice Court Post I: Incumbert Mary Gully (D);

- Justice County Post 2: Incumbent Linda Sciple Wright (D);

- Constable Post 1: Incumbent Ray C. Willis (D);

- Constable Post 2: Incumbent Randy Thornton (D); Michael Oliver (D).

Offices for seats in th Mississippi House and Senates are also open this year, as well as the state offices for governor, lieutenant governor, secretary of state, treasurer, auditor, insurance commissioners, state highway commissioners and state public service commissioners.