By Steve Swogetinsky

The Kemper Messenger

The Kemper County board of supervisors took actions last week to protect employees and the public from the Coronavirus pandemic.

Supervisors closed the courthouse last week so a company could come in and do deep cleaning in the halls and offices. The courthouse was re-opened Monday but only the door facing Highway 39 is opened. The public is asked to handle any business they can by phone or email. A deputy will be stationed at the door to redirect any non-essential people from coming into the courthouse.            

In matters taken up during their March 16 meeting , supervisors voted to:

• Declare a vacancy for the office of Election Commissioner, District 2. An special election will be set;

• Approve  the claims docket and the minutes from the previous meeting;

• Considered an agreement with Redshift Consulting LTD, to assist with business development and infrastructure projects;

 • Accept a jail contract and an IT contract for the sheriff’s department;

• Approve a proclamation, declaring March 28 as Blinded Veterans Day. This was done at the request of Mississippi-Louisiana Regional Group of the Blinded Veterans Association;

• Approve a budget transfer of $178,809 to East Mississippi Community College;

• Hire Belinda Stewart Architects to provide services to the Kemper County Courthouse Portico and Cornice  Band project;

• Approve a solid waste contract with Three Rivers for billing; and,

• Approve the payment of $7,225 to Alliance Health Center for services rendered.