By Sampson Jackson

State Senator

We passed Senate Bill 2895 that allows the University Medical Center to remove from its campus and reinter in a mausoleum on the grounds of the old Farmers Market, the graves of up to 7,000 persons who once lived in the former state asylum. It would free land for future development at UMC and would cost $2 million to $3 million.

We passed Senate Bill 2459 that extends reemployment protections to Mississippi service men and women when they are activated by other states.

Senate Bill 2777 suspends the purchase of new cars by government for another year. The extended moratorium has saved up to $35 million. The conservative measure does not stop law enforcement and emergency responders from making needed purchases.

Our passage of Senate Bill 2778 would allow the Department of Finance and Administration to charge other agencies for the use of the Mississippi Management and Reporting Systems. The pass through charges would be federal dollars that could bring in $6 million for the state.

The passage of Senate Bill 2277 would protect consumers by having branded titles issued to salvage vehicles that are resold in the state, stopping the practice of some who receive clear titles to rebuilt damaged vehicles.

We passed Senate Bill 2089 that clarified the fact that the legislature is the sole decider of election results in disputes involving legislative races.

Other bills passed included:

— Senate Bill 2698 would exempt certain technology related information from the Public Records Act because of its sensitive nature.

— Senate Bill 2621 would require motorists to stop for railroad repair vehicles riding on rail tracks.

— Senate Bill 2527 would protect from liability any persons who provided to authorities information that reveals insurance fraud.

— Senate Bill 2936 would continue to allow free usage of Fairground livestock facilities for groups such as 4-H.

— Senate Bill 2924 will allow Mississippi’s agriculture department to hire food inspectors in a contract with the federal government so state officials can deploy and use them as needed.

— Senate Bill 2179 would provide immunity to persons who request assistance for medical emergencies related to alcohol.

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