I, Helen Shan Mosley-Roberts is the daughter of the late Mr. Wilbert and Mrs. Ella Bell Mosley. 

I have been a resident of Kemper County all my life. I've retired from the MS State Department of Health/Kemper County Health Department where I served for 40 years. I also worked at MS  Care Center Of DeKalb which I served for 20 years. Currently, I am still employed with Oxford Healthcare where I have served for 22 years. 

I'm married to Andrew G. Roberts and we have one daughter Shani L. Roberts. We all enjoy life with the guidance of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I also attend Center Ridge Missionary Baptist Church under the leadership of Pastor Reginald Brumfield whom is a great Pastor and leader. 

As a concerned citizen, I'm presently seeking the seat of Board of Supervisor District 5 to make a change and a difference to uphold the legislative and executive body of the county government and for the taxpayers of Kemper County. I'm challenging for a change!! Please vote and support Helen Shan Mosley-Roberts for Board of Supervisor District 5. Your vote will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance.