By Denise Swogetinsky

Special to The Messenger

Well the New Year has come.

Now is the time we look at our lives and start to make changes. One change many decide to make is for us to start eating healthier. We want to lose those pounds.

We want to live a healthy life. We want to feel better with a healthier body. Well, this will take work. This will require changes in our eating habits, the way we think about food, and in our activity levels.

First we need to make our house healthier. Just like you baby proof a house, you need to remove the pit falls of unhealthy foods from the house. Convert your sugars to your favoritesugar substitute. If you need a granulated sugar, Splenda blend is a good choice. Keep honey on hand too. It is a great sugar alternative.

Try to limit the carbonated drinks you have. If they are hard to resist, don't keep them in the house. Keep water, Gatorade or Powerade Zero, unsweetened or sugar free tea, and coffee as your drinks. Remember you need to drink 8 glasses of fluids each day. Be sure at least half of these are water. Make sure you have a supply of almond flour and coconut flour on hand for use in your recipes. Also keep Carbquick handy. These were good alternatives in your recipes.

Get rid of any leftover candy, chips, and crackers. These are full of carbs. Make fat bombs to satisfy your sweet tooth. You can also get some Atkins candy or some mini dark chocolates. Be sure to !unit the amount you eat. Sugar free cookies are also good sweet snacks. For salty, try skins. They are carb free and you can get them in a variety of flavors. Cheese, sandwich meats, lettuce wraps, nuts, plain popcorn, meat jerkey, eggs, and peanut butter on celery are some snacks you can try.

After you have cleared your refrigerator and pantry of those foods you should avoid, what should be your next step?. Plan ways to get active. Start walking. Set a timer on your phone and plan to walk a certain lengthy of time. Start small, 5 minutes out and 5 back. Add 10 minutes after about a week. Work up your time and distance. Park in the furthest parking place and walk to the store. Take the stairs. Just get active. Find an exercise program in YouTube and work with it. If you have a bicycle, ride it around the block. Add blocks as your stamina increases.

Plan your meals, even lunches at work. Use low carb wraps. Read the carbs and sugar content on breads and choose one that has a lower carb count. Try lettuce wraps instead of sandwiches. Plan to eat salads with meats and cheeses in them.

Just remember tag a healthy lifestyle takes planning and moderation. Have fun, and stay healthy for this new year.