By William B. Carroll

Managing Editor

Kemper County’s unemployment rate went up to 9.1 percent for the month of June from the 8.6 percent rate it recorded in May, according to figures released last week by the Mississippi Department of Employment Security.

Statewide, the unemployment rate stayed the same at 4.7 percent.

In June, Kemper County had a labor force of 3,550 with 320 unemployed. In May, those numbers were 3,510 and 300 respectively.

Only six counties in the state had higher unemployment rates than Kemper in June.

Twenty-six counties in Mississippi posted June 2018 unemployment rates less than or equal to the state’s rate of 4.7 percent.

Rankin County posted the lowest unemployment rate for the month of June at 4.0 percent followed by Union County at 4.1 percent.

Jefferson County had the highest unemployment rate for June at 14.4 percent followed by Holmes County at 10.6 percent.

There were 18 initial claims for unemployment benefits from Kemper County in June and 225 continued claims with total payments of $35,426.

The unemployment rate for East Central Planning and Development District, which includes Kemper County, was 5.9 percent for preliminary June figures. For the East Mississippi Community College District, the unemployment rate increased from 5.6 to 6.8 percent.

The overall state labor force, which is made up of everyone who has a job or is looking for a job, increased in June by 3,300 to 1,281,600.  Over the year since June 2017, the Labor Force increase by 700.

The number of people working in Mississippi rose in June by 2,200 to 1,221,000.  For the year since June 2017, employment in our state increased by 6,600.  

The number of unemployed Mississippians increased by 1,100 in June to 60,600; however, over the year since June 2017, the number of unemployed Mississippians decreased by 5,900.