By Laurence Hilliard

Kemper County Messenger

Medicaid, school funding, and infrastructure are areas of concern for State Rep. Michael Ted Evans for the upcoming 2018 session of the Mississippi Legislature. Evans, from Preston, will be representing Kemper County for a seventh session as a member of the House of Representatives.

“The big thing we are going to be talking about is Medicaid,” Evans said. “We are going to have to review the Medicaid Technical Bill. There's talk about changing the Medicaid formula. If they do, that will affect Kemper County.”

A change in school funding under the Mississippi Adequate Education Program would also affect the county, possibly in a negative way, according to Evans. “There possibly could be a loss of revenue for the county and that will affect us a lot,” Evans said. “If they change the formula, the county will get less money than they have been getting. I'm going to try my best to prevent that.”

Concerning infrastructure, Evans said “I hope we do something about the roads and bridges. I don't know if we will get that done.”

He said there are bridges on state highways in Kemper County that need to be improved.

Evans has not received any specific requests from the Kemper County Board of Supervisors. “I talk to the Board of Supervisors on a regular basis," he said. "They haven't asked me for anything for this year. If something comes up during the season, they will always contact me.”

The session begins the second day of the year. Kemper County residents wanting to contact Evans may call him on his cell phone – 601-416-7495.