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A DeKalb man faces multiple charges after police, responding to an automatic burglar alarm, found him inside The Neshoba Democrat Building in Philadelphia sitting in the foyer early Sunday morning.

Officers said the man was sitting in a chair undistracted by the loud sound of the alarm when they arrived about 5 a.m. at the newspaper building located at 439 E. Beacon St.

John Hudspeth, 33, of 344 Lynville Road, DeKalb, was charged with breaking and entering, possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia.

No items were reported missing from the newspaper office.

“Our broken windows can be fixed, but our prayer is for this broken soul, that the justice system will provide the rehabilitation he needs and that he will be delivered from the evil of what appears to be a horrible addiction, which, sadly, plagues many others in our community,” said James E. Prince III, the editor and publisher of the Democrat.

“We thank the Philadelphia Police Department for an extremely swift response which we have no doubt prevented further peril at our office and perhaps around town.”

Following his arrest, Hudspeth’s pickup truck was found running near Harold’s Shortstop on Holland Avenue.

“The keys were in the ignition, the truck was running and the lights were on,” Chief of Police Grant Myers said. “The methamphetamine and marijuana were found inside the truck.”

After his arrest, officers found a glass pipe in his pocket, he said.

Police charge that Hudspeth broke a side window pane on the front door where he was able to unlock the door and gain access inside. Two other window panes were also broken in the foyer.

A keyholder was called to deactivate the burglar alarm.

Bond for Hudspeth had not been set at press time.