By Mike Robertson

Kemper County Messenger

The Kemper County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously on Friday to approve a Heavy Haul Ordinance which will allow the County exercise police powers to regulate the maximum load weight carried by vehicles on county roadways, for protection and promotion of the public health, safety and welfare.

The action took place during a special called work-session.

The ordinance states that the Board has become aware of increased usage of its roadways by vehicles of substantial weight, and use of the roadways by such vehicles causes significant damage, and impairs the usefulness of the roadways, and repair of roads and bridges due to this damage places an undue burden upon the taxpayers of the county. The Board recognizes its authority to enact such an ordinance to maintain maximum load and weight limits, and they will be enforced within the unincorporated boundaries of Kemper County.

Some exceptions are: vehicles carrying agricultural or dairy products to and from the field or market where there are no alternate routes of travel; any vehicle operated by Kemper County; delivery vehicles, unless they exceed the gross vehicle limit, in which case the operator must receive approval from the road manager; and public utility vehicles or private contractors involved in construction or repair of utilities or roads.

Permits must be obtained from the road manager, not less than three days in advance of operating the subject vehicle on county roads.

The road manager or any designated officers of the county are empowered to issue citations for vehicles in violation of any provision of the ordinance. Punishment for violation ranges from $200 to $1,000, depending upon how many times the party has been charged with a violation, as well as possible jail time.

In other action, the Board:

— Voted unanimously to coordinate with the Tombigbee River Valley Water

Management District to obtain funding in the amount of $50K to purchase materials to perform the reseal construction required to the roadways at Kemper Lake.

— Unanimously approved payment of an invoice from Joe McGee Construction in the amount of $163,499 for work performed during the month of March 2018.

— Unanimously approved an order for the reimbursement of travel expenses to Polly Medcalf, Sherline Watkins and Dr. Yolanda Cook for their travel to Jackson on April 17-18, to attend the training seminar of the Mississippi Association of County Administrators/Comptrollers and the Mississippi Association of Chancery Clerks.

— Unanimously approved an order for the reimbursement of travel expenses to

Supervisors Pat Granger, Johnny Whitsett, Justin Creer and Chris Cole for their travel to Biloxi on April 24-27 to attend the Mississippi Association of Planning Development Districts Conference.

The Board adjourned until its next regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, May 7.