April 25th -April 30th


Charles Brandon Beard, 29, 571 Wayne Street Macon, MS,  Charges: Circuit Court Order

Ebony Bourrage, 36, 5084 New Hope Rd De Kalb, MS, Charges: Malicious Mischief

Iluka Watkins, 37, 4618 Dixie Rd Woodland, MS, Charges: Aggravated Assault; Felony in Possession of Firearm

Lamichael Rashad Johnson, 24, 15927 Hwy 46 Pheba, MS, Charge: Disorderly Conduct; Simple Assault

Kemp Edward Watkins, 52, 19271 Hwy 46 Pheba Ms, Charge: Simple Assault


Nakiren Ratcliff, 21,  63 Hunter Street Apt C11 Macon, MS, Charges: Hold  

James Edward Mason III,  20, 360 Mason Drive Macon, MS, Charges: Hold

Ladeveon Smith, 20, 76 Smith Drive Macon, MS, Charges: Hold   

Quincy Q Stokes, 21, 126 Landrum Rd Macon, MS, Charges:

Quanesha Watkins, 19, 1597270 Hwy 46 Pheba, MS, Charges: Simple Assault

Courtney Coleman, 34, 3150 New Hope Rd De Kalb, MS,     Charges: Disturbance of Family   


Tommy Adams, 20, 315 Boydtown Rd De Kalb, MS, Charges: Burglary  

Fredrick Hudson, 46, 6560 Hew Hope Rd De Kalb, MS, Charge: Embezzlement   

Daniel Barrier, 35, Charge: Burglary other than Dwelling

William Chase Henderson 22, 8904 Lake Flora Dr Lauderdale, MS, Charge: Disorderly Conduct  


Cynitha A Edelen Eubanks, 19702 Hwy 16E De Kalb, MS,    Charge: Child Abandonment


Quanesha Watkins, 19, 15927 Hwy 46 Pheba, MS, Charge: Accessory after the fact.

May 1st -May 7th


Rodney Montae Pettus, 30, 121 Luke Rd Preston, MS,  Charges: Disturbance of Family  

Carrie Cervantes, 26, 1890 Ebenezer Rd Preston, MS, Charges: Poss. of Controlled substance X4

Damion Terrell Landrum, 35, 295 Martin Rd Cuba, Al, Charges: Grand Larceny


Sandi McLemore, 38, 2427 4th Meridian, MS, Charges: Capias

Linda Faye Griffin, 45,Charges: Public Drunkenness, Resisting Arrest, Trespass after warning