I'm with my wife this Saturday morning. We are sitting in the car, air conditioner on, parked outside of a Baskin Robbins ice cream store. We are waiting for the door to open. We have our priorities in order. Ice cream is one of the delights of summer in the South.

OH! MY! It's so good, and homemade is even better. There are many things that make life really wonderful like what we do in the South. I have already told you what one thing is ICE CREAM.

The second thing is an ice cold coke. Considering number three. What about turning the air conditioner on high and taking a good nap.

What about a visit from your grandchildren. Want to really have some fun? Take them to the car wash. It will tickle your gizzard and cool you off, too. Number five is sit with someone you love on the twilight of the day and hold hands. No talk necessary.

As Jackie Cleason would say, "How sweet it is." Signing off once again the melancholy Old Mail Man.