Mississippians four years ago elected Phil Bryant Governor and Tate Reeves Lieutenant Governor as Republicans took control of the Legislature ushering in a new era of more efficient and transparent government.

Under the leadership of Bryant, Reeves and Republican Philip Gunn in the House, the Legislature passed a substantial educational reform package, cut taxes, made smart changes to the criminal justice system and filled the state's rainy day fund.

The Legislature under Republican control has over the last four years increased K-12 spending by historic levels.

The state's unemployment rate is decreasing. Mississippi appears to be heading in the right direction as the national economy sputters.

And we're confident liberal tax-and-spend notions and grow-the-government policies seen in Washington are not on the drawing board here.

Bryant's Democratic opponent, Robert Gray, however, told the New York Times, "I'm basically going to do the opposite of what he's doing." We believe him. And while we haven't always agreed with everything Gov. Bryant has done, we believe going in the opposite direction economically would be a disaster for Mississippi.

In a second term, we hope to see a Gov. Bryant who doesn't always have his finger in the wind. The state faces some significant issues like the flag that will require strong leadership.

As Lieutenant Governor, Bryant ushered in a new era of transparency in state government. He helped pass the first ethics reform legislation in Mississippi in 25 years. And he maintained a commitment to honest budgeting. He has argued that the people - not government - know best how to spend their own money.

On Nov. 3, re-elect Phil Bryant Governor.

Tate Reeves for Lieutenant Governor

Reeves has led the Senate with a focus on keeping government spending under control and reforming education.

Mississippi has spent more on education and adequately funds other priorities, including setting aside 2 percent of state funds for a "rainy day" and reducing taxpayers' overall debt burden under Reeves' leadership.

Reeves' Democratic opponent, Tim Johnson, wants Mississippi to implement the Medicaid expansion component of the Affordable Care Act (Obamacare).

Democrat Johnson, a former Republican state Senator and current Elvis impersonator who once brawled on the Senate floor, would push disastrous liberal policies under the flag of his new party.

Lt. Gov. Reeves has a record of being prudent with spending, which has angered some, but it's the responsible thing to do.

He effectively ended the practice of using one-time monies to cover recurring expenses.

Lt. Gov. Reeves is on record supporting increased funding for education coupled with continued reforms that boost literacy and produce more graduates.

Re-elect Tate Reeves Lieutenant Governor on Nov. 3.

Dick Hall for transportation commissioner

After serving 24 years in the Mississippi Legislature, Dick Hall was appointed Central District Transportation Commissioner by then-Gov. Kirk Fordice in 1999 filling an unexpired term. He is one of the most experienced public servants in the state.

Hall has long been a friend of Kemper County. Under Hall's leadership a heavy overlay was placed between Mississippi 16 and the coal plant to prepare for the heavy loads necessary to construct the plant. About two years ago, an overlay of US 45 between Porterville and Scooba was completed.

Work has also been done to improve the alignment and reconstruct Mississippi 16 between US 45 and the Alabama line (intersects US 45 at Scooba).

In addition, about seven or eight years ago several bridges north of Mississippi 16 were replaced.

Hall's re-election is important to Kemper County. Vote Dick Hall on Nov. 3.