David McRae is the most qualified candidate to be Mississippi’s next Treasurer.

McRae comes from a long line of prominent Jackson businessmen, part of a family that has given back generously to our state — and you may never know because the McRae’s don’t brag. That’s David McRae, humble, competent, committed.

The 39-year-old McRae has proven himself managing the McRae family finances. He’s not climbing the political ladder. He simply wants to serve as State Treasurer, or better, the state’s investor.

McRae is a hard worker, hitting the trail before anyone, campaigning relentlessly all over our state.

McRae also campaigned relentlessly four years ago nearly defeating incumbent Treasurer Lynn Fitch with an unprecedented 45 percent as a first-time statewide office seeker.

Fitch has moved on to greener pastures as a candidate for Attorney General (where she’s infinitely unqualified)?leaving the seat open and McRae with the support of Gov. Phil Bryant and other leading conservatives.

On Aug. 6, vote David McRae Republican nominee for State Treasurer.

• For Attorney General — Mark Baker has the skills and experience to serve as Mississippi’s next Attorney General in a tight primary. Baker has 30 years of courtroom experience as a prosecutor and judge. He was first elected to the Mississippi House of Representatives in 2004.

Baker has an impeccable reputation and can be expected to make solid decisions through the lens of his conservative values and experiences.

Vote Mark Baker GOP nominee for Attorney General on Aug. 6.

• For Lieutenant Governor — Delbert Hosemann is a progressive (in a good sense) because he made the Secretary of State’s Office relevant and data-driven. 

Streamlining state government to operate from the citizen up, not bureaucracy down, is one of his main promises, and we believe he can deliver. The amiable Hosemann is a capable leader. While his affable Democrat opponent is competent, Delbert is the strong hand we need guarding the Senate.