There are three qualified candidates running for election in the race for the Mississippi Court of Appeals in our district, but we believe incumbent Judge Jack Wilson represents the best in young, conservative leadership.

Wilson is no politician. When we met him that was obvious and certainly a hindrance since we elect judges in Mississippi.

But Wilson has in his short time on the bench proven himself a thoughtful, conservative and hard-working judge.

Wilson graduated from Harvard University where he was an editor of the Harvard Law Review. While not known as bastion of conservatism, Wilson’s judicial philosophy was sharpened by dueling with opposing ideology.

In other words, Wilson knows full well what the other side is up to on the left.

 After law school, he clerked for a U.S. Court of Appeals judge before entering private practice where he specialized in appellate issues. He is a former president of the Mississippi Lawyers Chapter of The Federalist Society, the preeminent conservative legal organization in the country.

Wilson served as Chief Counsel to Governor Phil Bryant, who appointed him to the Mississippi Court of Appeals last year.

Wilson hit the Court running and has participated in over 500 cases and authored more than 70 majority opinions for the Court so far.

Wilson lives in Madison and he and his wife and children are active in Pear Orchard Presbyterian Church.

We find Wilson to be studious, diligent, precise and restrained in his role as a judge. He isn’t the loudest or most gregarious backslapper on the campaign trail, but then being a good politician does not mean a candidate will be a good judge.

We believe Judge Jack Wilson is a good judge and endorse him for Mississippi Court of Appeals.