We've been slowly looking at the Lord's Prayer for the past few weeks found in Luke 11:1-4. And last week we came to the fifth and final request, "Lead us not into temptation." We looked at how this phrase teaches us that we are to pray for deliverance from sin, we are to fear sin, as well as fear the devil.

In this week's article, I'd like us to look at seven ways that we could elaborate this prayer and I'll give you some scriptural language in which we do that and we'll just practice praying this prayer back to the Lord together.

IV. Application

First, Jesus encourages us in this petition to pray not to fall in temptation. This prayer probably doesn't mean primarily, "Lord, don't let us ever be tempted." While you live in this world, temptation is coming if it's not already here. But what we want to do is not fall when we're in that temptation. Let's pray this together:

Lord, since there is in us a bent to backslide from You so that when our sins are forgiven we find ourselves so often ready to return again to the same folly which we once did, we pray that You would not only forgive us our debts and take care of us, but we pray that You would lead us not into temptation, that we would not offend You anymore. We know that no man can say that when he is tempted he is tempted of God, for God tempts no man, but we do know that You are able to make all grace abound to us and to keep us from falling and to present us before Yourself faultless with exceeding joy. And so we pray, O Lord, that You would do that, that You wouldn't give us up to our own hearts' lusts, to walk in our own counsels, but that You would restrain Satan, that roaring lion that goes about seeking whom he may devour, and grant that we would not be ignorant of his devices. This we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

Secondly, Jesus asks us to pray that God would set gracious limits on our trials and testing. "Lord, don't give me more than I can handle." Let's pray this together:

Lord, grant that we would never enter into a temptation beyond our capacity, that having prayed, we would set a watch and we would be readied. Let Your wise and good providence so order all the affairs of our lives, all the events of our lives, everything that concerns us, that no temptation would overcome us but such as is common to men, and that we would never be tempted above what we are able to discern and resist and overcome through the grace of God. Lord, do not lay any stumbling block before us upon which we would fall and perish. Let nothing be an occasion of falling to us, but give us that peace which they have that love Your law, in Jesus' name. Amen.

Third, Jesus teaches us to pray that the Lord would lead us into a greater delight than the false delight that our sin offers. Sin always comes to us and says, "If you'll just do this, you'll experience satisfaction that you can't find following God." And Jesus knows that you can't fight something with nothing. So you have to fight the temptation to evil and to the delight of sin with a greater opposite power and that is learning the delights of God. And so He instructs us here by implication to pray to the Lord to lead us into a greater delight. Let's pray:

O Lord, lead us to You as our greater and greatest delight. Lead us into all truth. Lead us into Your truth and teach us for You are the God of our salvation. Show us Your ways, O God. Teach us Your paths, the paths of righteousness. Lead us in those paths for Your name's sake so that we may be led beside the still waters and taste and see that You are good and know that there is nothing in this world as good as You, no delight greater, no joy deeper, no satisfaction so everlasting. This we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

Fourth, He instructs us to pray, "Deliver us from the evil one." This is explicit in Matthew; it's implicit here in Luke. Let's pray this together:

Lord, deliver us from the evil one. Keep us so that the wicked one touches us not. Do not allow him to sow his tares in the field of our hearts. Do not allow him to ensnare us by his wiles or wound us by his fiery darts. Let the Word of God abide in us that we may be strong and may overcome the wicked one. And let us, by Your grace, remember that He who is in us is greater than He who is in this world. We ask this through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

Fifth, He instructs us to pray to be delivered from the evil thing, from doing things which are evil, from doing things which are wrong. Let's pray:

Lord, deliver us from the evil thing, we pray, from that besetting sin that hounds us, from every evil work. Save us from them, O Lord. Redeem us from all iniquity but especially the sin that most easily besets us. Lord, give us little victories there. Give us - encourage us. Make us begin to hate that sin. We ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

Sixth, He instructs us to pray that the Lord would protect us from pride. There is no sin that has ever been committed that doesn't have a little bit of pride in it. Why? Because if sin is breaking God's law, then in every sin there is this choice going on - "I'm going to do it my way. I'm not going to do it Your way." And what is that? It's a lot of things but one of the things it is, is arrogance. It's looking up at your Maker and it's saying, "I've got things figured out better than You do. I know how to look out for me better than You do. I'm going to do it my way." Let's pray:

Lord, hide pride from us. Remove from us the way of lying. Don't let us eat the delights of sin. Incline our hearts to Your law, Your testimonies, not to covetousness. Keep our tongues so that we never speak unadvisedly, but especially keep us back from presumptuous sins. Do not let them have dominion over us. We ask in Jesus' name. Amen.

Seventh, Jesus teaches us to pray that the Lord would deliver us from sin in temptation. Let's pray this together:

Preserve us Lord, we pray, that no evil thing may befall us. Keep us from evil that it may not hurt us. You save us by Your right hand as we trust in You. You save us from those who rise up against us, so show us Your marvelous loving-kindness and hide us under the shadow of Your wings. Keep what we have committed to You. You have delivered us in the past. Deliver us again. We pray that You will deliver us from all our fears and sorrows and make us dwell safely and grant that we would be quiet from the fear of evil and bring us safe at last to Your holy mountain where there is no briar or thorn and nothing to hurt or destroy. This we ask in Jesus' name. Amen.