As we continue in our study of the Gospel of Luke we will look at Luke 8:22-25 in this article. Where is your faith when the unexpected comes? How do you react? What do you think? To the thousand potential situations and questions that are in our hearts in the midst of them Jesus has a question for you - "Where is your faith?" - because in this passage He is teaching His disciples something very important about Himself and about how they're supposed to live the Christian life in just those unexpected situations.

I. Your Savior Knows What It's Like To Be Human

The first thing I want you to see is how Luke reminds you that your Savior understands what it's like to be human. Notice in the passage that as Jesus tells these fishermen to take the boat where they don't normally go and then He lies down and He goes to sleep.

He was dead asleep, tired from doing the work of His Father which He joyed to do. Tired from bearing the burdens of the world. I want to tell you, your Savior knows what it's like to be tired, dead tired. He's been touched with the feelings of your infirmities and weaknesses. He's embraced that because He loves you and He knows exactly what it feels like to be tired.

But that's not even the best part. The storm's going and Jesus is still sleeping, but then the cries of His frightened, needy disciples immediately arouse Him to their aide. I don't want you ever to forget that my friends. A storm is of no consequence to your Savior. He will sleep right through it. But the minute your weak and fretting and faithless voice cries out to Him, He is instantly at your aide.

Then, after stilling the storm, He immediately asks a question to His disciples - "Where is your faith?" Jesus is asking them to consider is if they have adequately understood who is it who is with them on the boat and if they have factored that reality into their life threatening situation and if they have put their faith in Him adequately for the living of the Christian life. "Where is your faith? Is it in Me? If it is, I'm right here. I didn't go anywhere. I was right there with you."

You need to know that the life you are living now is a life filled with tribulations and those tribulations are not the exception, they are the rule. Why? Because this is a world filled with sin and sin brings with it misery. And it will be ever so until the Lord Jesus changes this world and He comes to make His blessings flow far as the curse is found. But until then we live in a world of tribulation and it takes us by surprise. And Jesus has taken these disciples out into this boat precisely to teach them this lesson. When trials come, that is the way it is in this fallen world. It's the rule, it's not the exception. Don't be surprised.

II. This Earthly Life Is Filled With Trials

But there's better news than that and that's the second point of the passage because Jesus not only wants you to understand what this life is like He also wants you to understand the solution. And of course the solution is Him. He is more than a match for any tribulation that we face.

Don't you love this picture? The disciples don't fully understand it as they go into that storm, but the Man who is sleeping at the helmsman's seat of that boat not only spoke this planet into being by the Word of His power. That's who's sleeping on that boat! And when they cried, "Lord, we're dying!" He says, "Oh? Stop." and it's done. Now that doesn't mean that His answer to our cries is, "Okay, you're going to be healed. Okay, you're going to be rich. Okay, all the family problems are going to go away. Okay, in the end it's all going to work out right in this life." Oh, for a happy few, they can testify that the Lord has done that in their lives, but for most of us, for most of us the answer is, "Though He slay me, yet will I praise Him. The Lord has given. The Lord has taken away. Blessed be the name of the Lord." But the answer is still Him. And the answer is Him, because however He chooses to save, whether He save me in life or through death, I am secure in His hands. I do not look within. I look to Him."

III. There Is Meaning In Our Trials And Tribulations

Now here's the third thing we need to understand. It's not just that there is tribulation in this life and He is the only hope and answer of His people in that tribulation, it is that there is meaning in that tribulation. For those who believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, there is no such thing as meaningless suffering. You understand that? Oh there is such thing as suffering that we don't have a clue how to explain, but there is no meaningless suffering. That does not exist for the believer.

In this passage the very purpose of this tribulation is that His disciples would come to know who He is. Wouldn't you have loved to be there the day that He spoke to the winds and the waves and be able to say with the disciples, "Who can do this?" Don't you know that they knew Him afterwards in a way that they had never known Him before? And what is the chief end of man but to glorify and to enjoy Him in knowing Him as He is. And the purpose, whatever other purposes there are, the purpose in every trial of every Christian who has ever lived is that you might know the Living God. And my friends, that is enough - to know Him in the face of Jesus.

But there's one last thing. Okay, Jesus is the answer and there's purpose in the tribulation, but how do I cope, how is it exactly that I cope Lord? I know that tribulations are to be expected, I know that Jesus is the answer, I know that You're doing something in this even when I don't understand it, but how exactly is it that I cope?

Jesus has already given you the answer in the question. "Where is your faith?" You see, here's the life lesson - "Disciples, the only way you're going to make it - and Jesus is in effect saying to the disciples, "Understand Me My dear friends, there're going to be worse trials than this that come along for you. But here's the only way that you're going to cope with them - faith in Me. Believe who I am, believe what I can do, and trust Me, even when all the lights go out, even when nothing else makes sense. You will not make it unless you learn that."

So where is your faith? By God's grace, I trust that your answer to "Where is your faith?" is in Jesus Christ.