As we continue our way through this great Gospel of Luke, we come to a passage which deals with the feeding of the five thousand in Luke 9:10-17. It's a passage in which Jesus' compassion is on vivid display, especially in contrast to His disciples, who are not so much uncompassionate as they were practical. It's a passage in which the power of Jesus is on display. Quite deliberately, the disciples are powerless to do anything about the situation that confronts them. Jesus lacks no such power and displays it vividly. And of course finally, the provision of Jesus is on display in this passage.

Some of you are reading this today are fighting a battle in your soul to believe that Jesus is more than enough and that battle is being fought for different reasons. Some of you have lost something or someone and that loss has invited you into a battle to believe whether Jesus is more than enough because that loss is great and precious..

Others of you are in a battle to believe that Jesus is more than enough not because of what you've lost, but because of what you have. You love what you have so much and you're hanging onto it what all that's in you and it means more to you than anything, even Jesus.

Some of you are fighting a battle to believe that Jesus is more than enough because of what you don't have but what you desire and it's something, anything, other than Him, other than His kingdom.

But whether you're fighting a battle this morning to believe that Jesus is more than enough because of what you've lost, or because of what you have, or because of what you want, or all three, this passage was written for you. Because the precise point of this passage, the thing that Luke wants us to learn, and the precise point of the Lord's Supper - reinforcing the point that Luke wants us to learn - is that Jesus is more than enough. And so we need to attend to it.

We could focus our attention on Jesus' compassion this morning. Isn't it on clear display? Or, we could focus on the power of Jesus in this passage. Isn't it clearly set forth?

But here's the thing I want you to zero in on and you see it especially at the end of this passage. It's Jesus' provision. Jesus tells the disciples to have the multitudes sit down in groups in fifty and He takes the five loaves and the two fish and He prays a prayer of blessing and then He begins to hand out to His disciples what they are to hand out to the multitudes. And in verse 17 you see that the result was - everyone ate, everyone was filled to the full, everyone was satisfied, and there was food left over. And this, my friends is a picture of the provision of Christ for His people. Jesus' provision of all the soul needs of His people is graphically illustrated in this miracle. In feeding the multitudes, Jesus intends to show that He alone is able to supply all our needs - material and spiritual. He Himself is the source of life and He is able to give this bread because He is the Bread of Life.

But the miracle points beyond the specific gift of bread to the giver of that gift, God the Son, who provides for body and soul. Yes, it's a fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies. You remember the children of Israel in their time of need in the wilderness were starving and they needed a supply of food and what happened? God provided them the bread of heaven. And what was the point? God was their Supplier and He would supply all their needs. And here was Jesus providing bread for the multitudes.

Or we think of the story of Elijah and the widow and with flour and oil and the production of everything that she needed. Or we think of Elisha and the feeding of a hundred men with barely cakes. Over and over in the Old Testament there are these miracles of food provision which show that God alone is able to supply what we need and He is able to supply it abundantly so that when Moses was first telling the children of Israel about the manna, he had to tell them what to do and not to do with what was left over because God's supply was going to be so abundant. And Christ, in providing the bread and the fish in such an abundance that twelve baskets of fragments were left over, is indicating that He is sufficient to provide for our needs now and forevermore.

I love what Matthew Henry says - "Those whom Christ feeds, He fills." He never leaves you with room for just one more piece of pie. When He feeds you, He fills you. There is always a super abundance. He always leaves over twelve baskets. That's how generous He is in His provision.

If you read John's gospel, you learn that though this multitude loved this provision of bread and food, the multitude didn't get it about Jesus. They didn't get it. And I wonder if there are some among us today that don't get it. You know the reason we don't get it is because we don't see what our real need is and we don't adequately believe that Jesus is able to fill it. We have our eyes on something that we've lost or something that we have or something that we want, and for a moment, just for a moment - even if it's a contradiction of everything we believe - we think that it's that which we've lost or that which we have or that which we want that will fill us. And so our eyes aren't even on Jesus for the provision of our soul needs.

And God in His kindness comes and He says, "Child, I know that you can't touch and taste and smell and see My promise, so here's what I'm going to do - I'm going to put it in your lips. I'm going to put it in your mouth. You're going to be able to smell it. You're going to be able to taste it. You're going to be able to see it. You're going to be able to touch it. Because My promise is more real than the air that you're breathing and it's more real than any other food that you taste. It's more real than the chair that you're sitting in. And the need that I can fill is what you really need. And what you think you've lost, and what you think you have, and what you think you want, if it's anything other than Me, is not what you need."

And then of course the other struggle in the wake of our losses and the things that we want to hold onto and the things that we desire, is that we do not believe that Jesus can be enough. And don't you see that this miracle is just a picture of the truth that Jesus is more than enough? It's so easy for Him to provide this food for this crowd, so easy, so easy.

Do you not know that it is easy for Him to supply all your needs? It's easy for Him. There's no question of His power to provide for you. The only question is - do you believe that, that He's more than enough?