We continue to make our way through Luke's Gospel in this article as we look at Luke 11:1-4. We come today to the passage in which one of Jesus' disciples asks Him to teach them to pray, not an uncommon thing amongst disciples. But the very question and the answer that Jesus gives prompts us to ask the Lord in prayer to help us to pray.

Last week we saw the first point in this text where Jesus taught His disciples to pray the Bible, now we consider the final two points.

II. Pray To Your Father

Notice Jesus says, "When you pray" verse 2 "say, 'Father.'" Now, more and more in this crazy broken world we live in we encounter people who've had really bad experiences of their earthly father or parents and they find it hard to even get the word Father out of their mouth in prayer to God. This is very important. It's not to be skipped over because your Heavenly Father is not like any earthly father who's ever failed you. Further, your earthly father, no matter how glorious your earthly father is, is a pale comparison of your Heavenly Father. And Jesus says, "When you come to the Father, say 'Father.'"

Now Jesus is not saying you can't pray to Him[Jesus]. There are prayers in the New Testament to Jesus. Jesus is not saying that you can't address the Holy Spirit. There are prayers in the New Testament that address the Spirit. But fundamentally, Christian prayer is to the Father by the Son through the Spirit. So Jesus says, "Pray to your Father." Why? Because when you see your sin you fear that what you have done is so bad that it will be beyond the reach of their mercy. Jesus knows that and so, before He ever tells you to pray for forgiveness of your sins He says this, "Pray to your Father. He is your Father. He will never leave you or forsake you. He's your Father. He adopted you into His family. He's your Father. He made you to be His child. He's the Lord God Almighty. He rules heaven and earth but He's your Father. He will never let you down." Jesus says, "You pray that until you believe that. Then you can pray for His name to be made glorious, then you can pray for your sins to be forgiven, then you can pray for His kingdom to come and all these other things. But you pray to your Father because it is vital that you believe that He is your loving, almighty, powerful, gracious, good, generous, heavenly Father."

Now how do you do this? Well the Bible has given you tons of material for praying to your Heavenly Father. Let me just read to you. Let's make this a prayer. We'll pray this together. But I'm just going to follow the outline that Matthew Henry gives himself to the first clause of the Lord's Prayer, "Our Father who art in heaven." Let's just pray these words to God together. Let's pray back Scripture to Him. Let's pray.

Lord our God, You are our Father. Even though Abraham doesn't know us and Israel doesn't acknowledge us, You are our Father and our Redeemer, and Your name is from everlasting, and we will from this time cry to You, our Father for You are the God of our youth. Have we not all one Father? Has not one God created us? You are the Father of our spirits and in You we live and more and have our being. You are the Father of lights, the Father of mercies, the God of all consolation, the eternal Father who is strong to save, of whom and through whom and to whom are all things. You are the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ whose glory was that of the only begotten of the Father full of grace and truth. You are in Christ our Father and the Father of all believers whom You have predestined to be adopted as Your children through Jesus Christ our Lord. Amen.

III. Pray That God's Name Will Be Glorified

And then what do you pray? You pray, "Hallowed be Your name." You're praying for God's name to be glorified. You remember when Satan tempted Eve and Adam in the garden, what was the main thing that Satan wanted to say to Eve and Adam about God? The main thing that he wanted to say to Eve and Adam about God is that God was not worth living for, that they could have greater satisfaction, greater joy, greater fulfillment if they rejected God and became gods to themselves than if they considered God glorious. And so Satan's temptation was to say that God isn't as good as He claims to be, God isn't as great as He claims to be, God isn't as glorious as He claims to be, God is not worth living for.

Isn't it interesting? The very first thing that Jesus says for us to pray is what? You pray that God's name would be known for who He is and He is great and He is glorious and He is better than anything that there is. You pray that - Hallowed be Thy name.

It means, "Lord, may Your name be considered holy, may Your name be considered set apart, may Your name be considered high and lifted up, may Your name be considered glorious." It's a prayer that God would be owned and acknowledged for who He is. The greatest thing that there is, the greatest one, the greatest person that there is, better than anything else in whom we live and move and have our being. And the Bible is filled with material to help us do this. Let's pray this particular clause together. Let's pray about God's name being hallowed to end our time:

O Lord, it is our heart's desire and prayer in the first place that Your name be sanctified, be hallowed, be considered holy, be set apart, be glorified. We pray that You may be glorified as a holy God. We desire to exalt You, O Lord our God, to worship at Your footstool, at Your holy hill, to praise Your great and terrible name for it is holy, for the Lord God is holy. You are holy and You inhabit the praises of Your people Israel. We glory in Your holy name and therefore our hearts rejoice because we have trusted in that holy name of Yours to which we will always give thanks and triumph in Your praise. Lord, enable us to glorify Your holy name forevermore by praising You with all of our hearts, by bringing You the fruit of our lives, for herein our heavenly Father is glorified.

O be to us our God, for a name and for a praise and for a glory, so that being called out of darkness into Your marvelous light we may be a peculiar people to show forth Your praises, Your glory, Your holiness that You have called us in and to. O, that we may be children, the work of Your hands, who sanctify Your name, who sanctify the Holy One of Jacob, who fear the God of Israel, who praise His glory. Through Jesus Christ our Lord we ask it. Amen.