By Hilute Hudson

Special to The Messenger

Across our district, our teachers are preparing for the home stretch before state testing.

For our dedicated, hard-working teachers this moment is both a test and a testament to their efforts. At the same time, our children are working hard, too, not only to meet our high expectations for them, but also to secure their own futures. All of this is occurring as we are doing benchmark testing prior to Spring Break.

One of my loftiest aspirations for 2020 is that ultimately every child can walk through our school doors and get the best education from the best educators. That aspiration is built on my faith in our children and my belief in placing students first. My goal is to educate the whole child.

The state assessment is the standard which we are all measured by as public schools.  It aids in our planning, development, assessments and analysis of our progress related to students’ academic success. However, as a school district, it is our goal to objectively measure this progress without losing sight of the well-rounded exposure and experiences our students deserve.

Our community and school district have proven that when we focus and invest in public education and our children, we can advance forward. I am so inspired by the support of our educators, families, and community as look at opportunities to help our students and schools succeed.

Recently, we held a community forum to discuss the possibility of restructuring our elementary schools. Initially, I was concerned that we would have a low turnout due to the inclement weather. However, the attendance was standing room only, which speaks to the passion of our community and families wanting the best educational opportunity for our students. Following the presentation, we had an honest conversation with constructive feedback and suggestions to improve upon the proposed plan.

Our survey results and comments showed that we had overwhelming support, nearly 80%, to move forward with the elementary schools restructuring proposal.

The benefits of the restructuring will allow us to: align our curriculum and instructions; consolidate resources; retain and recruit exceptional teachers; create significant financial savings; and promote a positive culture and climate. This is a prime example of developing the best opportunity to measure progress and offer well-rounded experiences and exposures. With your help and support, we will do exactly that. Every student. Every day - The Wildcat Way!

Have a safe and enjoyable Spring Break.