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    There will be a meeting of the City of DeKalb Democrats, on Thursday, Dec. 29, at 2 p.m., at the City Courthouse, in DeKalb, the meeting is to organize a Municipal Democratic Executive Committee.  If

    any questions contact Charles C. Hollingsworth Jr, Kemper County Democratic Executive Committee (Chair), at (601) 513-3598.
  • “Emergency loans for farmers, ranchers, and operators are available through the Kemper County Office of the Farm Service Agency,” Mark L. Dillard, FSA Farm Loan Manager, said earlier this week.
  • On this particular Saturday morning, the gridiron gladiators could not be mistaken for NFL players, as their ages ranged was from 5-12 years old. And although they could not match the professionals in stature, their grit and determination was intense.
  • Kemper County taxpayers could be paying less in ad valorem taxes on their homes and automobile tags this coming year.
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